होम    विभागों   खाद्य व्यवसाय प्रबंधन और ई.डी.   कार्यक्रम   पीएचडी

The department offers Ph.D. program in Food Business Management and aims to prepare students for academic, consulting and research careers in this sector. It aims at developing skills and competencies in budding researchers and inculcating in them the requisite aptitude to conduct research in a rigorous and scientific way.

Note: The section may contain the details of current students.

Current Ph.D. Students:

S. No. Student Area Admission year
1. Twinkle Kumar Sachchan Strategic Marketing and e-Sales 2013
2. Vikas Microfinance 2013
3. Gaikwad Sandeep Trombak Assessment of Consumer Preferences for fast food food products and new food product development 2014
4. sanmukh Sagar Kunku Director of Inter-Industry Business: In the context of Indian Processed Food Industry Sector 2014
5. Nivedita Kondapudi ------ 2015
6. Pratibha ------ 2015
7. Vivek singh ------ 2015
8. Jainab Sharif ------ 2015