Forthcoming Events

# Title File
1 Webinar on Food processing: Research & Industry, Current Status, and Future Trends Download
2 International Webinar “Nanobiotechnology for Transforming Food Processing Sector: Our Actions are Our Future” Download
3 Webinar on “Understanding Food Labels for Healthy Eating” Download
4 Webinar on “Enriching Foods for Enriching Lives” Download
5 Celebrating Nutrition Month Download
6 5-DAYS online ATAL-FDP On “Novel Technological Approaches for Utilization of Food Industry Waste” Download
7 Webinar on Role of Intestinal Microbiota and Probiotics in Health and Disease Download
8 Webinar On Rheology of Powdered Food Materials Download
9 Interstate training of woman farmers Download
10 Webinar on “Making Food Fortification Scalable and Sustainable: Role of Partnerships” Download