Personal Information

Er. Vijay Singh Sharanagat Er. Vijay Singh Sharanagat Designation : Assistant Professor +91-130-2281228
  1. Food Process Equipment Design
  2. Development of Functional Food
  3. Heat and Mass Transfer (Drying, Roasting, Frying etc.)


The reviewer of the following journal

  1. Trends in Food Science and Technology
  2. Agric Eng Int: CIGR Journal
  3. Journal of Agricultural Engineering
  1. Qualified in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) and received MHRD scholarship
  2. Qualified in NET examination conducted by ASRB (ICAR)
  3. Member of Indian society of Agricultural Engineering
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1. Qualification

# Degree Name Subject University/College Year
1 M.Tech. Food Process Engineering IIT, Kharagpur 2012
2 B.Tech. Agricultural Engineering CAE, Jabalpur 2010

2. Experience

# Designation University/College Duration
1 Assistant Professor NIFTEM Present
2 Assistant Professor College of Agricultural Engineering, JNKVV, Jabalpur 2012-2013