# Title PI Co-PI SRF JRF
1 Studies for determination of safety and quality of various food products in Indian Domestic Market. Prof. Manjeet Aggarwal
2 Investigation of antibiotic resistance in lactobacilli of food and fecal origin (ICMR). Natural antimicrobial film to enhance quality of food: Starch-protein film with antimicrobial agents from nature. Dr. Vijendra Mishra
3 Column Development for Food Analysis. Dr. Neela Emanual
4 Mathematical Modeling in food web dynamics. Dr. Kalyan Das Dr. Vijay Kumar
5 Study of Conducting Polymer-Piezelectric thin films for bio sensor applications. Dr. Pragaya Murali Krishna Dr. Neetu Kumra Taneja
6 Analysis of Lipid autooxidation products in fried foods. Dr. Chakkravarthi Sarvanan
7 To study the supply chain system of apples in Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pardesh. Dr. Vijay Kumar Er. Kumar Rahul and Dr. Anupma Panghal
8 Evaluation of anti-biofilm, antimicrobial effect of natural compounds against Food – Borne pathogens – Phase I. Dr. Neetu Kumra Taneja Dr. Anupma Panghal