Food Engineering Lab

The purpose of Food engineering laboratory is to facilitate the understanding of the most relevant unit operations in food processing as well as macro level studies in food process engineering. The lab is focused to serve practical session of students as well as used for scientific research purpose. This lab is equipped with Thermo gravimetric analyzer, Differential Scanning Calorimeter, FTIR, Rheometer, Chromameter, water activity meter, viscometer, intended cylinder separator, spiral separator, seed counter, Ball mill, Hammer mill, Freeze dryer and Refrigerated centrifuge.

Food Packaging Lab

To improve the standard of food packaging through Research and Development, training and education, industrial co-ordination, the Institute have set up Food Packaging Lab. The lab have various instruments to test packaging films, such as water vapor transmission rate tester, oxygen transfer rate tester, Shrink wrapping machine, Semi-automatic Box strapping Machine, Semi-automatic L-Sealer with shrink tunnel, Semi-automatic Carton sealing MachineFolding Endurance TesterStiffness tester (Taber Type), Tearing Strength Tester (Elmendrof Type), Pedal sealer and Hand sealer.

Dairy and Food Engineering Lab

Dairy and Food Engineering Lab is dedicated for the Lab course for B.Tech and M.Tech (FPEM, FSCM, FSQM) programmes dealing with milk and dairy processing for academic and research purposes. The lab is equipped with modern infrastructure and state of art equipment such as Milk Pasteurizer, Milk Homogenizer, Spray Dryer, Vacuum tray dryer and Rota-evaporator.

Engineering Workshop Lab

Engineering Workshop lab train students about various processes involved in manufacturing and production. The workshop is intended for training as well as prototyping for academic and research. The workshop has various shops with state-of-the art equipment’s such as machine shop, foundry shop, Carpentry shop, Fitting shop, welding shop, Sheet metal shop with canning facilities etc. This lab is also involved in the in house-fabrication of various M. Tech and PhD students.

Engineering Graphics Lab

In Engineering Graphics lab students acquire knowledge of engineering drawing, drafting and advance designing with the help of design software. Lab is equipped with design software Solid Works Education Edition, 3D plastic and food printer, state of art equipment’s such as electric boiler, various models of gear, pumps and mounting & accessories of boiler, throttling and separating calorimeter, 4 stroke petrol and diesel engine test rig, centrifugal pump test rig and Reciprocating pump test for academic and research purposes.

Electrical Lab

Electrical Engineering Lab strengthens skills of B.Tech. &M.Tech. students by imparting practical knowledge about concepts of Electrical Engineering like power, voltage , current, load, transformer, AC &DC motors and measurements related to food engineering and enable them to handle electrical measurements. This lab is also involved in latest research areas including Ohmic heating and 3-D food printing.

Electronics Lab

Electronics lab empowers B.Tech. &M.Tech. students about various electronic components including modern sensors used in food industrial machinery with measurement equipments such as Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Digital Oscilloscope, Function generators, Digital Trainer Kits, sensor kits. Students are imparted practical training and encouraged to develop their own electronic circuits for application in food industry. This lab is also involved in latest research areas including development of sensors and measurement of dielectric properties of food materials.