Step 1 - 3

Research Project proposal for internal funding

Step 2 - 3

Research Project proposal for internal funding

Project Details

NIFTEM Faculty Guide (attach acceptance letter copy)

Contact Details

Student(s) Details

# Name Class and Roll No Mobile Email ID Signature


(Mention the NIFTEM lab facilities utilizing /duration, etc details and should take prior consent from the HOD and faculty in-charge of the lab)
(present the type of support and its cost, etc)

Cost Involved

i) Budget Estimates:

(Payments / procurements outside of the NIFTEM will not be considered, students should strictly follow the NIFTEM Research policy guidelines)

# Item Budget (in Rupees)
A Recurring 1-5
1. Consumables
2. Travel
3. Contingency
4. Other Costs
B Equipment
Grand Total (A+B)

ii) Budget for Consumable Materials

Item NIFTEM Lab, Dept Budget (in Rupees)
1st Year 2nd Year Total


Budget (in Rupees)
1st Year 2nd Year Total
Travel (only inland travel)


Particulars 1-5 6-12 13-18 19-24
Step 3 - 3

Research Project proposal for internal funding

Certificate from the Student (s) and faculty Guide

  1. / We agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the NIFTEM research grant/policy and NIFTEM decision is final at any stage.
  2. I/ We ensure that the proposal is our original idea or innovative contribution, and did not submit elsewhere for financial support.
  3. I/ We have explored and ensured that equipment and basic facilities are available as and when required for the purpose of the projects. I / We shall not request financial support under this project, for procurement of these items.
  4. I/ We undertake that spare time on permanent equipment will be made available to other users.
  5. I/We have enclosed the needed materials:

(1) Name and Signature of faculty Guide

(2) Name and Signature of students, Roll Nos