Ongoing External Funded Projects

# Project Title Funding Agency Project Cost (in lacs) PI and Co-PI Date of Award
1 Development of low cost nutritious protein rich traditional food products and blended edible linseed oil from underutilized linseed crop DST 78,09,838/- Dr. Rajni Chopra 2022
2 Innovative Indigenous Technology Development for Comprehensive Valorization of waste from citrus Fruit Processing Industries MOFPI 51.04 Dr. Anupama Singh 2021
3 Development of Blockchain-based Traceability Solution for Agri-Food Supply Chains MOFPI 18.73 Dr. Anupama Panghal 2021
4 Use of non-toxic nano-formulations for prolonging shelf life and reduction of postharvest loss of mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata) of North East India DBT’s NER Citrus Programme 293.27
(In NIFTEM 63.02)
Prof. Ashutosh Updhyay 2021
5 Development of ready to cook (RTC) food product through selective fermentation of biofortified and non-fortified Pearl Millet varieties for enhancing bioavailability of micronutrients DST (Haryana) 20.00 Dr. Prarabdh Badgujar 2021
6 Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in Indian grilled and fried fish products, prevention strategy and dietary risk assessment MOFPI 29.15 Dr. Tripti Aggarwal 2021
7 Generation of occurrence data on heavy metals for chocolates and cocoa products. FSSAI 36.80 Prof. Ashutosh Updhyay
Dr. Neela Emanuel
8 Covid Pandemic management based real time detection of airborne viral load in hospitals DBT 42.21 Dr. Shekhar Agnihotri 2020
9 Proposal for Setting up of Kerala Nutrition Research Centre (KNRC) at Thiruvananthapuram in Joint Collaboration with NIFTEM, Haryana and WCD, Kerala WCD, Govt. of Kerala 41.99 Dr. Komal Chauhan,
Dr. Neetu K. Taneja
10 Social Entrepreneurship- Impact Assessment ICSSR 10 Dr. Prasanth Kumar R. 2019
11 Assessment of Physico-chemical and nutritional characteristics of underutilized millets (Kodo & Kutki) and development of value added products Tribal Development Affairs, Govt. of M.P, Bhopal 105.58 Dr. Komal Chauhan,
Dr. Manjeet Aggarwal,
Dr. Neetu K.Taneja
12 Preparation, characterization and evaluation of encapsulated eggplant peel extract in Edible Oil MOFPI 31.46 Dr. Bhaswati Bhattracharya,
Dr. Chakkarvarthi,
Dr. Tripti Agarwal
13 Synthesis and evaluation of alginate-chitosan microcapsules for targeted delivery of vitamin B12 producing probiotic strain: in vitro and in vivo approach WOS-A Department of Science and Technology (DST) 32.15 Dr Mamta Kumari,
Mentor: Dr. Vijendra Mishra
14 Development of Instant probiotic fruit juice powder MOFPI 25.70 Dr. Vijendra Mishra 2018
15 Strengthening Sustainable energy COE in Ethiopia DST International, Indo-Ethopia Bilateral Coperation/Biotechnology (International) 40.69 Dr. Ashutosh Upadhyay 2018
16 Effect of thermal processing on proximate composition and antioxidant activity in Indian edible brown seaweed sargassum wightii and development of nutraceuticals and functional food from it MOFPI 35.86 Dr. Prarabdh Badgujar 2018
17 Development of protocol for reduction of acrylamide leaves in selected potato based snack foods MOFPI 25.40 Dr. Chakkaravarthi S. 2018
18 Development of riboflavin enriched probiotic fermented product to mitigate riboflavin deficiency in India and South African children DST (Under Indo South Africa Bilateral Cooperation) (International) 32.11 Dr. Vijendra Mishra 2016

Completed External Funded Projects

# Project Title Funding Agency Project Cost (in lacs) PI and Co-PI Date of Award
1 Flavour change of Amrutham Nutrimix (THR) and Development of Neutraceuticals based ready to use Therapeutic foods for the management of malnutrition in children and women in reproductive age WCD, Govt of Kerala 13.75 Dr Komal Chauhan, Dr Neetu K. Taneja 2019
2 Development of a typical village level processing centre with hybrid power system for post-harvest reduction and value addition. ICAR 60.93 Dr Pitam Chandra and Dr Ashutosh Upadhyay 2016
3 Evaluation of anti-biofilm, anti-microbial property of natural compounds against food borne pathogens SERB/DST 34.31 Dr Neetu K. Taneja 2015
4 Evaluation Of Green Functional Foods Fortified With Cereal Grasses In Reducing The Risk Of Metabolic Syndrome SERB/DST 27.05 Dr Komal Chauhan 2014
5 Antibiotic resistance in lactobacilli of food and fecal origin. Detection of genes, influence of stress and horizontal transfer ICMR 32.00 Dr Vijendra Mishra 2014
6 Synthesis of multifunctional magnetic mesoporous materials for theronostics platform SERB/DST 30.29 Dr Divya Kheterpal 2014
7 Setting up of Food Testing Laboratory of NIFTEM ICAR 852.39 Dr Manjeet Aggarwal 2015
# Project Title Project Cost (in lacs) PI and Co-PI Date of Award
1 Strategy Formulation for Value Chain Development of Mushroom A Cluster Based Approach 0.96 Dr. Anupam
Prof. Sanjay Bhayana
Ms. Shweta Dahiya
2 An Innovative approach to fortify different flours by Vitamin D 1.50 Dr. Shumaila Jan
Dr. Komal Chauhan
3 Assessment of Tomato Genotypes for Quality Evaluation and Processed Product Development 3.25 Dr. Neeraj
Dr. P.K.Singh
Dr. Sunil Pareek
Dr. Anurag Singh
4 Development and Characterization of Ricotta Cheese based Products 2.60 Dr. Syed Mansha Rafiq
Dr. Komal Chauhan
5 3D Printing of Gluten Free Cookies 2.20 Er. S. Thangalakshmi
Dr. Vinkel Arora
Dr. Rakhi Singh
Dr. Barjinder Pal Kaur
6 Utilization of Fruits and Vegetable Industry Waste to Develop Extruded Packaging Material for Food Products 1.90 Dr. Anurag Singh
Er. S. Thangalakshmi
Dr. Rakhi Singh
Dr. Ankur Ojha
7 Development of Strategic Business Plan for MSMEs Up-gradation (With special reference to Consumer Food Units in Delhi NCR) 1.15 Dr. Sarika Yadav
Dr. R. Prasantha Kumar
8 Post Harvest disease Control of Tomato using Secondary Metabolites Produced by Endophytic Actinobacteria 3.50 Dr. Bhim Pratap Singh
Dr. Shekhar Agnihotri
9 SMEs Innovations – Barriers and Enablers: A Study with special reference to Sonipat District, Haryana 1.00 Dr. Sapna Arora 2020-2021
10 Nano-zinc based micronutrient delivery system and its impact on post harvest quality and extending shelf life of Tomato 4.00 Dr. Shekhar Agnihotri
Dr. Bhim Pratap Singh
11 Development of Indian perilla seed (Perilla frutescens) oil meal based proteins and their incorporation in cereals based food products 1.70 Dr. Rajni Chopra
Dr. Rakhi Singh
12 Design, Development and performance evaluation of a mechanical pulper-juicer for bael (Aegle Marmelos) fruit 3.10 Dr. Prasanna Kumar G.V. 2020-2022
13 Process Technology Optimization for Formulation of Nutri Flakes for Supporting Quality Diet for Malnourished Children and Diabetics 1.50 Dr. Anupama Singh
Dr. Komal Chauhan
Dr. Rahul S Mor
14 Performance of Small and Medium Sized Agri and Food Business Enterprises: Evidence from Emerging Economies. 3.25 Dr. R Prasanth Kumar,
Dr. Anupama Panghal
Dr.Sapna Arora
15 Development of local food entrepreneurship and value chain model. 2.04 Dr. Anupama Panghal
Dr. Shweta Dahiya
16 Development of cereal/millet based functional food for adolescent children. 2.00 Dr. Rakhi Singh
Er. S. Thangalakshmi
Dr. Barjinder Pal
17 To develop an android mobile application based on artificial intelligence (AI) for citizens to check freshness of fruits before purchase. 4.00 Dr. Vijay Kumar
Er. Rahul Kumar
18 Development & performance evaluation of evacuated tubes solar collector based hybrid drying system. 4.18 Dr. Vinkel Arora
Dr. P.K. Nema