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Name: Dr. Sapna Arora
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Food Business Management
Contact No: 130-2281253
Email: sapna.niftem[at]gmail[dot]com
Area of Interest/Specialization:
1. Entrepreneurship
2. Finance
3. Accounts
Degree NameSubject/Research AreaUniversity/CollegeYear
Ph.D. Finance Ch. Devilal University, Sirsa 2012
M.Phil. Finance & HR Ch. Devilal University, Sirsa 2008
MBA Finance Ch. Devilal University, Sirsa 2005
Degree/Designation NameSubject(s) Taught*University/CollegeYear
BBA 1.Principles of Management 2.Financial Accounting JCD Institute of Business Management 2011-2012
MBA 1. Security Analysis & Portfolio Management 2. Working Capital management 3. Management Process & Org. Behaviour 4. Management Science JCD Institute of Business Management 2008-2012
MBA 1.Working Capital Management 2. Insurance & Banking JCD College of Engineering 2007-08
Awards & Honours (if any):

1. Cleared UGC-NET Exam (Management) - June 2005
2. Gold Medalist during MBA

Major Publications (Last 5 years):
  1. Arora, S., & Dahiya, S. (2020). Michael R. Carrell and Christina Heavrin, J. D., Negotiating Essentials Theory, Skills, and Practices. SEDME (Small Enterprises Development, Management & Extension Journal), 47(1), 85-86.
  2. Desai, P J; Sapna and Dahiya, S (2019). E-tailing of Agri-inputs: A business opportunity in Digital Economy; Advances n Economics and Business Management; October-December, 6(6), 538-541. 
  3. Arora, S and Garg , Atin (2019). A comparative Analysis of Impact Investment: India and World; International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research, 17(3), 67-72.
  4. Havi and Arora, S. 2019. Factors Influencing Buying Behaviour for Noodles: A Comparative Study between Indian and Thailand Consumer. In: Management: Winning in a VUCA World. Eds.: Trivedi, H. C., Arora, P., Arora., S. Excel India Publishers. New Delhi, India. pp 221-227. ISBN: 978-93-88237-86-4.
  5. Rayappa, M. K., Arora, S. 2019. Innovation: The sculpting Facet for the Future of Indian Food Sector. In: 13th Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship. Eds. Misra, S., Shukla, S. , Batthini, G. Bookwell Publishing House, New Delhi, pp. 430-439. ISBN: 978-93-6578-38-9.
  6. Mrinal Kumar R S and Arora, Sapna (2019), “Innovation: The Sculpting Facet of Indian Food Processing Sector”, Conference Proceedings of 13th Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship Development at EDII, Gandhi Nagar from 20th-22nd February 2019. ISBN no: 978-93-8-6578-39-9 (Vol I).  
  7. Arora, Sapna and Panghal, Anupama and Sindhu, Shilpa (2016), “Counterfeit Processed Food Products: Retailer’s Perspective”; Productivity, Volume 57, No.1, 93-101.
  8. Arora, Sapna and Suvadarshini, Pinakhi (2015), “Supply Chain Analysis of Onion: An Overview”, Management Vistas (ISSN: 0974-682X), Vol. 1 Issue-1, July-December, 1-7.
  9. Arora, Sapna (2015), “Status of Selected Microfinance Institutions in India”, Recent Trends in Business Finance, ISBN 978-81-8484-568, Regal Publications, pp 101-112.
  10. Panghal, Anupama and Arora, Sapna and Katare, Dyaneshwer Sadashiv (2015), “A Study of Supply Chain of Mango”, Proceedings of 51st The IIER International Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 30th December, ISBN: 978-93-85832-85-7.
  11. Arora, Sapna (2014), “A Study on Financial Performance of Public Sector Banks”, JCD Journal of Business Management & Research (ISSN No 2348-909X), Vol. 1 Issue-1, July –December, 52-61.

    Grant Sanctioned Rs. 3.5 lakhs to coordinate ANVESHAN-Student Research Convention at north Zone Level in collaboration with Association of Indian Universities for the academic year 2018-19.

International Experience(s)/Collaboration(s)/Consultancy:


Externally Funded Projects:


Patent(if any):


Books(if any):
  1. Sapna Arora, Sultan Singh (2017). Stock Market Reactions to Corporate Events, Germany: LAP (Lambert Academic Publishing).
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