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Name: Dr. Prarabdh C. Badgujar
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Food Science and Technology
Contact No: 0130-2281249
Email: prarabdh.niftem[at]gmail[dot]com
Area of Interest/Specialization:
  1. Food Toxicology, immunotoxicity, genotoxicity studies safety studies in vitro and in vivo
  2. Nutraceuticals and Health foods, Antioxidants, New product development
Degree NameSubject/Research AreaUniversity/CollegeYear
Ph.D. Veterinary Pharmacology Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly, UP 2014
M.V.Sc. Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, Haryana 2010
Degree/Designation NameSubject(s) Taught*University/CollegeYear
B.Tech 1. Food additives and Ingredients (Safety)
2. Meat, Fish and Poultry Product Technology
NIFTEM Since 2014
M.Tech 1. Food Toxicology
2. Nutraceuticals, Functional and Health Foods
3. Advances in Animal Food Processing
NIFTEM Since 2012
PhD 1. Advanced Food Toxicology NIFTEM Since 2014
Awards & Honours (if any):
  1. Awarded prestigious ‘INSPIRE Fellowship’ (Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research) by the DST, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India to pursue Ph.D.
  2. Qualified National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted by the Agricultural Scientist’s Recruitment Board, ICAR, New Delhi.
  3. Selected by the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore for the prestigious Summer Research Fellowship Program.
  4. Editorial Panel Member: EC Pharmacology and Toxicology journal, An International peer-reviewed journal
  5. Reviewer (Peer reviewed journals):




    Food and Chemical Toxicology

     International Immunopharmacology

    Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology

    Taylor and Francis

    Drug and Chemical Toxicology

    Academic Journals

    African Journal of Agricultural Research

    OMICS group

    Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology

    The Japanese Society of Toxicology

    The Journal of Toxicological Sciences

Major Publications (Last 5 years):

    1.Badgujar, P.C., Selkar, N.A., Chandratre, G.A., Pawar, N.N., Dighe, V.D., Bhagat, S.T., Telang, A.G., and Vanage, G.R. 2016. Fipronil-induced genotoxicity and DNA damage in vivo: protective effect of vitamin E. Human and Experimental Toxicology doi: 10.1177/0960327116655388
    Thomson Reuters 2016 IF: 1.604; Citations: 0

    2. Pawar, N.N., Badgujar, P.C., Sharma, L.P., Telang, A.G., and Singh, K.P. 2016. Oxidative impairment and histopathological alterations in kidney and brain of mice following subacute lambda-cyhalothrin exposure. Toxicology and Industrial Health doi: 10.1177/0748233715627736.     
    Thomson Reuters 2016 IF: 1.688; Citations: 0>

    3. Lonare, M., Kumar, M., Raut, S., More, A., Doltade, S., Badgujar, P.C., and Telang, A. 2016. Evaluation of ameliorative effect of curcumin on imidacloprid‐induced male reproductive toxicity in wistar rats. Environmental Toxicology 31(10): 1250-1263.
    Thomson Reuters 2016 IF: 2.868; Citations: 06

    4. Badgujar, P.C., Chandratre, G.A., Pawar, N.N., Telang, A.G., and Kurade, N.P. 2016. Fipronil induced oxidative stress involves alterations in SOD1 and catalase gene expression in male mice liver: Protection by vitamins E and C. Environmental Toxicology 31(9):1147-1158. 
    Thomson Reuters 2016 IF: 2.868; Citations: 05

    5. Badgujar, P.C., Pawar, N.N., Chandratre, G.A., Telang, A.G., and Sharma, A.K. 2015. Fipronil induced oxidative stress in kidney and brain of mice: Protective effect of vitamin E and vitamin C. Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology 118:10-28.        
    Thomson Reuters 2016 IF: 2.388; Citations: 13

    6. Chandratre, G.A., Telang, A.G., Badgujar, P.C., Raut, S.S., and Sharma, A.K. 2014. Toxicopathological alterations induced by high dose dietary T-2 mycotoxin and its residue detection in wistar rats. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 67(1):124-138.
    Thomson Reuters 2016 IF: 2.039; Citations: 01

    7. Lonare, M., Kumar, M., Raut, S., Badgujar, P.C., Doltade, S., and Telang, A. 2014. Evaluation of imidacloprid-induced neurotoxicity in male rats: A protective effect of curcumin. Neurochemistry International 78: 122-129.
    Thomson Reuters 2016 IF: 3.385; Citations: 05

    8. Badgujar, P.C., Pawar, N.N., Telang, A.G., Kurade, N.P., Chandratre, G.A., and Kadve, M. 2014. Histopathological alterations induced by subacute fipronil toxicity in mice and its amelioration by combination of α-tocopherol and ascorbic acid. Indian Journal of Veterinary Pathology 38(1):29-32.
    NAAS Rating: 5.48

    9. Badgujar, P.C., Jain, S.K., Singh, A., Punia,  J.S., Gupta, R.P., and Chandratre, G.A. 2013. Immunotoxic effects of imidacloprid following 28 days of oral exposure in BALB/c mice. Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology 35: 408-418
    Thomson Reuters 2016 IF: 2.187; Citations: 16

    10. Doltade, S.A., Raut, S., Badgujar, P.C., Chandratre, G.A., Kurade, N.P., and Telang, A.G. 2012. Haemato-biochemical and histopathological changes following sub-acute exposure to acetamiprid in male Wistar rats. Indian Journal of Veterinary Pathology 36(2): 179-182.
    NAAS Rating: 5.48

International Experience(s)/Collaboration(s)/Consultancy:


Externally Funded Projects:
  1. Co-principal investigator of the DST-SERB/MoFPI, GoI funded project entitled “Evaluation of green functional oods fortified with cereal grasses in reducing risk of metabolic syndrome” (2014-2016) Rs. 25 Lakh
Patent(if any):


Books(if any):
  1. Shrikant Katole, Ravindra Jadhav, Prarabdh C. Badgujar, K. L. Khurana, Ajit Kumar, (2012). Diagnostic approach to the infections of the mammary glands - an overview. Animal Science Reviews, 1(7) : 1 - 23.
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