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Name: Dr.R Prasanth Kumar
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Food Business Management and Entrepreneurship
Contact No: 0130-2281227
Email: profrpk[at]gmail[dot]com
Area of Interest/Specialization:
  1. Finance and Accounting
  2. Bank Management
  3. Entrepreneurship 
Degree NameSubject/Research AreaUniversity/CollegeYear
FDP Management Indian Institute of Management, Indore 2018
Ph.D Merger and Acquisition Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati 2014
M.Phil Investment Management Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati 2010
MBA Finance and Accounting Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati 2005
Degree/Designation NameSubject(s) Taught*University/CollegeYear
Ph.D Agriculture Finance NIFTEM 2015-2017
MBA Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Working Capital Management, Strategic Financial Management Sri Venkateswara Universiy, Tirupati and Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University 2005-2014
M.Tech Project Finance and Management NIFTEM 2015
B.Tech Entrepreneurship Development NIFTEM 2017
Awards & Honours (if any):
  1. UGC-NET-JRF(Management) Awardee in December, 2010
  2. SET-(Management)APSCHE, AP. Awardee ,2012
  3. UGC-NET(Tourism Management) Awardee, 2013
Major Publications (Last 5 years):
  1. (2018) Performance evaluation of mergers and acquisitions in Indian banking industry, Finance India, 32(3): 929-934. {ABDC-C}.
  2. Prasantha Kumar, R. (2015). Working capital management and firm’s profitability: Evidence from select food processing companies in India. International Journal of Business Intelligence and Innovations, Special Volume Issue 2, 200-207. [ISSN 23484705].
  3. Tribhuvan Nath, Saket Kushwaha, Prasantha Kumar, Mandavi Sahu & Rizwan Khan (2015). Livestock, Livelihood and Climate Change: Identifying Potential Synergies and Sustainable Market Mechanism for Food and Ecological Security in Developing Countries. African-Asian Journal of Rural Development 48(2) [ISSN: 0972-3021].
  4. Prasantha Kumar, R. (2013). Foreign direct investment in Indian food processing industry: An Analysis.  International journal of marketing 1(1), 49-52.  [ISSN 2348-0491].
  5. Prasantha Kumar, R & Durga Rao, S. (2013). Can Basel III norms be implemented in Indian banking sector successfully? Journal of Banking Finance 26(12), 20-24.  [ISSN 0971 – 4498].
  6. Durga Rao, S & Prasantha Kumar, R. (2013). Impact of Mergers on the Financial Performance of Indian Commercial Banks.  Sumedha Journal of Management 2(1), 117-129.  [ISSN 2277 – 6753].
  7. Durga Rao, S & Prasantha Kumar, R. (2013). Physical Performance of Merged banks in India: Comparative study of Public and Private Sectors.  GITAM Journal of Management 11(2), 40-54.  [ISSN 0972-740X].

Publications (Pipeline)

  • Price discovery, transmission, spillover effect and volatility
  • Inventory management practices and firm performance
  • Pricing and Performance of IPOs
  • Operational performance of retail chain
  • Impact of social entrepreneurship
International Experience(s)/Collaboration(s)/Consultancy:
  1. APO-Cornell University Workshop - Indonesia
Externally Funded Projects:
  1. Mapping the factors of rural entrepreneurship activities funded by National Council of Rural Institutes, Hyderabad (Completed)
  2. Social Entrepreneurship: Impact Assessment funded by Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi (Under Progress)
Patent(if any):


Books(if any):
  1. R. Prasantha Kumar and R.R. Jyothi (2016). Work-life balance of women: Barriers and management implications. Women in Differential Fields: Issues and Challenges (Eds), 305-312. Archers and elevators publishing house, Bangaore  [ISBN- 978-93-85640-49-0].
  2. K. Murugaiah, R.R. Jyothi & R. Prasantha Kumar (2016). Women Entrepreneurship: Need for strategic implications. Women in Differential Fields:  Issues and Challenges (Eds),107-111 Archers and elevators publishing house, Bangaore  [ISBN- 978-93-85640-49-0].
  3. Tribhuvan Nath, Prasantha Kumar, Durgawati Kushwaha. (2015). Exploring the potential of Agro-Food tourism in Mithilanchal region, Bihar (India). Hospitality and Tourism Industry: Modernization, Innovations and Opportunities (Eds.), Gaurav Book Centre Pvt Ltd, Delhi. pp.309-318. [ISBN: 978-93-83316-29-8].
  4. Durga Rao, S & Prasantha Kumar, R. (2013).  Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Corporate Financial Performance: A Case Study on ICICI Bank.  Business strategies for sustainable growth – A global perspective (Eds.).  NCRC Publications, Coimbatore, pp. 31-35.  [ISBN 978-93-81537-07-7].
  5. Prasantha Kumar, R., Durga Rao, S., & Jyothi, R.R.  (2013). Financial Performance of Andhra Bank during Global financial crisis: A CAMEL approach.  Business Management Trends: Trends and Progress (Eds.), Paramount Publishing House, Hyderabad, pp. 256-263. [ISBN-978-93-82163-08-4].
  6. Prasantha Kumar, R (2013). Measuring Financial Inclusion: A CRISIL’s Inclusix Index.  Management Blue Print (Eds). Bonfring Publishing, Coimbatore, pp. 53-58. [ISBN-978-93-82338-73-4].
  7. R.R. Jyothi., K.Murugaiah & R. Prasantha Kumar (2013).  Human Resource Health Related Challenges to Achieve MDGs. Envisioning strategies towards achieving MDGs. pp.167-175. Lourdes Tabloid Media Pvt. Ltd. Chennai. [ISBN 938116402-9].
  8. Murugaiah, K., Jyothi, R.R., & Prasantha Kumar, R.  (2011). Best Practices of Field Work Curriculum: An Overview.  Professional Social Work - Best Practices and Innovations in Teaching, Research and Extension (Eds.), pp. 36-46. Authorspress, New Delhi, [ISBN:  978-81-7273-510-4].
  9. Jyothi, R.R., Murugaiah, K., & Prasantha Kumar, R.  (2011). Child Survival: Need for Government and NGO Participation.  Professional Social Work in India Rhetoric and the Reality (Eds.), pp. 374-382.  Westerrn and Zaheer Hussain Publication. [ISBN: 978-81-9074-896-4].
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