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Name: Dr. P. Murali Krishna
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Basic and Applied Sciences
Contact No: 9397919051
Email: mkprayaga.niftem[at]gmail[dot]com
Area of Interest/Specialization:
  1. Ferroelectric, Piezoelectric Materials
  2. Nanocomposites
  3. Biosensors
Degree NameSubject/Research AreaUniversity/CollegeYear
Ph.D. Physics Andhra University 2008
M.Phil. Physics Andhra University 2003
M.Sc. Physics Andhra University 1994
Degree/Designation NameSubject(s) Taught*University/CollegeYear
B.Tech. Engineering Physics GVP College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam 2008-2011
Awards & Honours (if any):
  1. Visiting fellowship at DST Nano Lab, JNCASR, during (June - Aug), 2012.
  2. Research Fellowship program (May - July), 2010 of Indian Academy Sciences, Bangalore at “Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)”, Mumbai.
Major Publications (Last 5 years):
  1. Piezoelectric TB Structured Gd3+ modified Lead Potassium Niobate Ceramics - Electrical Studies, K. S. RAO, P. MURALI KRISHNA, D. M. PRASAD and J. H. LEE Central European Physical Journal - Applied Physics.
  2. Electrical and Electromechanical Properties of Lead Potassium Yttrium Niobate Ceramics PiezoelectricApplications : K. S. RAO, P. MURALI KRISHNA, D. M. PRASAD, T. S. LATHA and J. H. LEE, Physics and Chemistry of Solids - Elsevier Pub - 70 (2009) 1231.
  3. Dielectric Spectroscopy Characterization of Ferroelectric Pb0.77 K0.26Li0.2Ti0.25Nb1.8O6 Ceramics, K. SAMBASIVA RAO, P. MURALI KRISHNA, D. MADHAVA PRASAD, T. S. LATHA and C. SATYANARAYANA Philosophical Magazine (Taylor&FrancisPub) - 88(26)(2008)3129-3143.
  4. Electrical, Electromechanical Studies and Structural Studies on Lead Potassium Samarium Niobate Ceramics, K. S. RAO, P. MURALI KRISHNA, D. M. PRASAD, JIN - SOO KIM and J. H. LEE, Journal of Alloys and Compounds - Elsevier - 464 (2008) 497–507.
  5. Effect of Sm3+ on structure of Pb0.77K0.46Nb2O6 ferroelectric ceramics K. S. RAO, P. MURALI KRISHNA and J. H. LEE : CPDF file by Int. Council of Diffraction Data, American Institute of Phy. #2285Ref - 2010.
International Experience(s)/Collaboration(s)/Consultancy:
Externally Funded Projects:
Patent(if any):
Books(if any):
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