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Name: Er. Pramod Kumar Prabhakar
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Food Science and Technology
Contact No: 9800105812
Email: pkprabhakariitkgp[at]gmail[dot]com
Area of Interest/Specialization:
  1. Food rheology,
  2. Extraction of bioactive compounds
  3. Process engineering
  4. Radiometric technique for food quality evaluation
Degree NameSubject/Research AreaUniversity/CollegeYear
Ph. D. Food Process Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur-721302, West Bengal, India Pursuing
M. Tech. Food Process Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur-721302 West Bengal, India 2013
Degree/Designation NameSubject(s) Taught*University/CollegeYear
Assistant Professor Fruits and Vegetables Process Engineering (M.Tech), Engineering Properties of Food Biomaterials (B.Tech and M.Tech) NIFTEM, Kundli, HR 2013
Senior Research Fellow Development of process technology for the extraction and purification of ergothioneine from dried oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) IIT Kharagpur 2014
Awards & Honours (if any):

1.     Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) -2011 qualified

2.     ASRB NET (2014, 2015, 2016) qualified

3.     DBT Sponsored Senior Research Fellowship (2014) awarded by IIT Kharagpur

4.     UGC Fellowship (2014) awarded

5. Young Scientist Award(2017) conferred at 19th Indian Agricultural Scientists and Farmer’s Congress -Organized by BIOVED Society, Allahabad
Major Publications (Last 5 years):

1.      Kumar, J., Prabhakar, P.K., Srivastav, P.P. & Bhowmick, P.K. (2014). Physical characterization of Chironji (Buchanania lanzan) nut and kernels. Food Science Research Journal, 5(2), 148-153.

2.      Hansdah, R., Prabhakar, P. K., Srivastav, P. P., & Mishra, H. N. (2015). Physico-chemical characterization of lesser known Palo (Curcuma leucorrhiza) starch. International Food Research Journal, 22(4), 1368-1373.

3.      Prabhakar,P.K., Srivastav, P.P. & Murari, K. (2015). Energy consumption during manufacturing of different dairy products in a commercial dairy plant: A casestudy. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, 34(2), 98-103.

4.      Verma,D. K., Mohan, M., Prabhakar, P.K. & Srivastav, P. P. (2015).Physico-chemical and cooking characteristics of Azad basmati. International Food Research Journal, 22(4).

5.     Jha, R.K., Prabhakar P.K., SrivastavP.P. & Rao V.V. (2015). Influence of temperature on vacuum drying characteristics, functional properties and micro structure of Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) gel. Research in Agricultural Engineering, 61: 141–149.

6.      Kumar, J.,Prabhakar, P.K., Srivastav, P.P. & Bhowmick, P.K. (2016). Moisture dependent of physical properties of chiornji (Buchanania lanzan), Journal of Agricultural Engineering, 53(2), 45-54.

7.      Raigar,R. K., Prabhakar, P. K., & Srivastav, P. P. (2017). Effect of different thermal treatments on grinding characteristics, granular morphology and yield of ready‐to‐eat Wheat grits. Journal of food process engineering, 40(2), e12363

8.  Kant, R., Prabhakar, P.K., Samadder, S. & Srivastav, P.P. (2017). Radio frequency based sensor: An innovative detection tool for food spoilage. The      Pharma Innovation Journal,6(4): 80-86.
International Experience(s)/Collaboration(s)/Consultancy:
Externally Funded Projects:
Patent(if any):
Kumar, J., Srivastav, P.P, Bhowmick P.K, & Prabhakar, P.K (2015) Chironji (Buchanania lanzan) nut Decorticating Machine (Ref. No. 1245/KOL/2015 dated December 03, 2015.
Books(if any):
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