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Placement Brochure

NIFTEM would play a critical role in addressing the issue of talent gap in the food processing industry by way of continuous education and training programmes. NIFTEM as an apex institute in food science & technology will be a harmonizer in bringing about co-ordination between the industry, academia and government to create the required ecosystem for skill development and fill the talent gaps through training.

The institute will forge broad based partnership and be a primary driver in matching the talent requirements of the industry. NIFTEM’S education will focus on the skills deficit in food processing and allied industries by devising and delivering innovative training solutions.

1. Executive Development Programmes (EDP) will be designed for food processing professional for updating knowledge in various sectors of food processing.

2. Entrepreneurship Development Programmes will be conducted through (CED) to foster the entrepreneurial spirit and equip the enrolled budding entrepreneurs in getting a foot hold in the industry.

3. Skill Development Programmes will be conducted to update the Knowledge and enhance the skill of professionals at different levels of Industry across various sectors.

These are the areas (not limited to) of courses, trainings and available trained manpower:

·         Technomanagers (General/Specialized)

·         Food Park Experts

·         Production Managers & Plant Engineers

·         Flavours and Sensory Managers

·         Neutraceutical processors

·         Business Managers (incl. eBusiness), Marketing Managers & Retail business

·         Quality Control and R&D Specialists

·         Supply Chain, Cold Chain & Logistics Managers

·         Online Food Business Managers

·         Packaging, Regulatory & Legal Experts

·         Shop Floor Technicians, Refrigeration Mechanics, Supervisors & Others

·         Food and Allied Business Partners


NIFTEM will extend placement service to the students of the institute.

The distinct advantage which the institute holds in placement service is on account of its stature as an apex Institute in Food Sciences & Food Technology. The Institute’s partnership and linkages with academia and Industry in Food Processing and Allied sectors itself would place NIFTEM on a higher pedestal in extending the best placement services.

How to Recruit

At NIFTEM, placements are handled by the Corporate Resource Division (CRD) under the supervision of faculty. The CRD faculty Members and Students Placement Committee gets involved in the process right from corporate interactions to coordinating activities during final placements.

Candidates at NIFTEM represent almost states of India and ready to operate abroad business operations or Companies entering for Food OR Allied Business in India.

Keeping eye on increased competition aligned with 100% (FDI) Foreign Direct Investment in Food Sector, Company may reserve ADVANCE slot   ( Recruitment & Internship ( internship including MBA) for upcoming year) to make a fitment of choice in early stage from October.

There are two main placement activities on campus

1.      Pre-placement Talks:
Pre placement presentations (up to 2 rounds) enable organizations to inform students about company’s business, work culture, organizational structure, career, and growth opportunities. We recommend a 20 minute presentation with 10-minute Q & A session.

2.      On-Campus Recruitment:
Companies can contact and plan a visit to NIFTEM campus, preferably with filled Corporate Response Sheet (CRS) for conducting placement interviews and making job offers to suitable student candidates during the placement season.

Companies can approach Corporate Resource Division (CRD) for scheduling an on-campus placement session (Through mail, call and filled response sheet).

Students Placement Committee can be approached for guidance on transport and lodging facilities in campus.

Contact for Placement Enquiry

Mr. Aditya Kumar
Corporate Resource Division
Phone No. : +91-0130-2281032
Mobile No : +91-8607559966

Email ID: niftem.crd[at]outlook[dot]com,crd[at]niftem[dot]ac[dot]in

Corporate Resource Division-Student Members
Email ID: crd.niftem[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone No.: +91-130-2281031

1 Twinkle Moolchandani MBA 2nd Year 9838292851
2 Aditya Gautam B.Tech 4th Year 9413553846
3 Kunal Balhara B.Tech 4th Year 8814900616
4 ------------ ----------------- ---------------
5 Harnoor Kaur Bhatia B.Tech 4th Year 9899971897
6 Rajat Goel B.Tech 4th Year 9599914992
7 Shikha Yadav B.Tech 4th Year 7056565066
8 Satyam Chachan B.Tech 4th Year 7494839291
9 Mritunjay Tiwari M.Tech 2nd Year 9454420397
10 Pramod Mahajan M.Tech 2nd Year 8407930393
1 R Gitapremnath B.Tech 3rd Year 9053670208 
2 Sarthak Arora B.Tech 3rd Year  8826405066
3 Ganga R B.Tech 3rd Year  9447778530
4 Milhi Pincha B.Tech 3rd Year  8080680802
5 Parag Gupta B.Tech 3rd Year  8307101808
6 Soutrick Paick M.Tech 1st Year  8961934011
7 Sourabh Gharde M.Tech 1st Year  9729528170
8 Devanshi Chawla M.Tech 1st Year  9013517764
9 Balasree P P MBA 1st Year  8281174724
10 Shreya A Nair MBA 1st Year  7503433558

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