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Anti Ragging Notice

The new acadminc session will commence form 5 Aug,2015.Keeping in view the directions of UGC wide “UGC Regulations on Curbing The Menace of Ragging In Higher Educational Institutions 2009”, dated 17th June 2009, each institution need to form Anti Ragging Committee and Anti Ragging Squads.

Hence following anti ragging committee and anti ragging squads are formed for the acadmic year 2015-16

Anti Ragging Committee:

  1. Role and Responsibilities : To ensure compliance with the provisions of above mentioned regulations. It will also monitor and oversee the                                            performance of Anti Ragging Squads.
  2. Composition : Composition of the Committee as per above regulation is:

S. No. Member Name Designation
1. Dr. Chindi Vasudevappa, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Chairman
2. Dr. Vijendra Mishra, Dean (Student Welfare) Member
3. Dr. Ashutosh Upadhyay, Dean (Academic)
4. Prof. Manjeet Aggrawal, Dean (Research) Member
5. SHO, Kundli Thana Member
6. Mr. N. K. Sharma, Assistant Registrar (IT) Member
7. Ms. Shruti A B.Tech. 4rd year student Member
8. Ms. Arshia Mahajan, M.Tech. 2nd year student Member
9. Mr. Akshay Bisht, B.Tech. 2nd year student Member

Anti Ragging Squads:

  1. Role and Responsibilities : To make surprise raids in designated places and conduct on spot enquiry into any incident and submit report to                                           Anti Ragging Committee.
  2. Composition : Following Anti Ragging Squads are formed:

S. No. Composition of Anti Ragging Squads Contact No. Designated Area
1. Dr. Kalyan Das, Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya, Dr. Neetu Taneja 8814000258, 9253613641, 8826253920 Laboratory Area First Floor
2. Dr. Prarabdh Badgujer, Er. S. Thangalakshmi 9813014680, 8607777533 Laboratory Area Ground Floor
3. Dr. P. K. Nema, Dr. Neeraj, Dr. Sapna Arora
9254002468, 9355632313, 9812073783 Academic Area (Ground and first floor including area near Amul Shop)
4. Dr. Sanjay Bhayana
Library and Cafeteria Area
5. Er. Barjinder Kaur, Dr. Anupama Panghal, Dr. Komal Chauhan
8053306329, 9466133666, 9466000672 Kaveri Hostel
6. Dr. Vijendra Mishra, Dr. Tribhuvan Nath, Dr. Anurag Singh
9034016639, 8199921188,9456022578
Brahmaputra and Sutlej Hostel
7. Mr. Kumar Rahul, Dr. Chakkravarthi S. 9999488560, 9466000676 Play ground and common areas of campus

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