Personal Information

Dr. Neeraj Dr. Neeraj Designation : Professor +91-130-2281042

Post Harvest Management of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit and Vegetable Processing

Agriculture Extension

DAAD Scholarship for Ph.D.

Merit Scholarship during M.Sc. and Ph.D.

Best Presentation (Poster) Award in International Conference on Agribusiness and Food Industry in Developing Countries, 10-12 August 2007, IIM, Lucknow (INDIA).

Neeraj (2009). Agro-processing & Value addition in India. A study on the status of agro-processing and value addition in India. Published by The Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM ), New Delhi.

Neeraj and Kumar S. (2004). Effect of HDPE, LDPE, and PVC plastic packaging on the ascorbic acid content and decay loss during storage of aonla fruits (Emblica Officinalis G.) cv. Chakaiya. Haryana Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 33 (3/4): 213-215.

Neeraj, Joon M. S., and Bhatia S. K. (2002). Effect of plastic packaging on biochemical parameters of fruits during storage: A review. Haryana Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 31 (1/2):  1-7.

Neeraj, Joon M. S., and Bhatia S. K. (2003). Use of plastics in fruit packaging: a review. Haryana Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 32 (1/2): 1-7.

Neeraj, Kumar S., Kumar J., and Godara R. K. (2002). Effect of different types of plastic bags on phenols, chlorophyll, and carotenoid content of aonla fruits during room temperature storage. Haryana Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 31 (3/4): 189-191.

1. Qualification

# Degree Name Subject University/College Year
1 Ph.D Horticulture (Postharvest) CCS HAU, Hisar 2006
2 M.Sc. Agriculture Horticulture (Postharvest) CCS HAU, Hisar 2001

2. Experience

# Designation University/College Duration
1 Assistant Professor NIFTEM 2011-Till Date
2 DAAD Research Scholar University of Bonn. 2003-2005
3 Assistant Director/Deputy Director ASSOCHAM 2001-2008

International Experience(s)/Collaboration(s)/Counsultancy:

DAAD Research Scholar Germany.

Lead Industry delegations to Nuremberg, Germany and Japan.

Visited to University of Nebraska Lincoln under Student Exchange Programme as mentor faculty.

Participated in APO workshop on Postharvest Technology at Vali, Indonesia.