Career opportunities for B.Tech.(Food Technology and Management) Graduates:

The Graduates of the Food Technology & Management course will cater to the needs of entrepreneurs, industry, exporters, policy makers, government and to existing institutions. Several career opportunities have been identified as given below:

Product Development Scientist: Conduct research on new world products.

Sensory Scientist: Identification of attributes that matter most to the end consumer relating to senses of sight, smell, taste & touch.

Food Microbiologist: Makes sure that the food is fit for consumption and is free from microbial contamination.

Food Analyst: Devoted to the chemical testing of food products.

Quality Control Supervisor: Ensures the quality from the raw stage to the finished product.

Food Process Engineer: Look after the designing of plants and equipment handling in the processing of food.

Food Ingredient Manager: Analyse and evaluate the constituents of food products.

Food Regulatory Affairs Specialist: Make sure that the food products are as per the certified standards.

Nutrition Specialist: Ensures that the food is nutritionally wholesome and in accordance with the RDAs.

Food Fermentation Specialists: Involved in the preparation and processing of fermented products like cheese bread, alcoholic beverages, etc.

Opportunities in Food Processing (snack food, beverages, meat, winery, dairy, etc.) Food Service Sector, Supply Chain, Post Harvest, Food Retailing, Food Regulations, and Health and Wellness Service Providers.

Opportunities for overseas employment.

Apart from diversified prospects for B.Tech. and M.Tech. offers enormous opportunities in the following specialized fields:

Food Technology and Management

Food Process Engineering and Management

Food Safety and Quality Management

Food Supply Chain Management

Food Plant Operations Management