NIFTEM offers M.Tech Programmes in five different discipline:

1. M.Tech (Food Supply Chain Management) (Download Pdf)

Masters in Food Supply Chain Management is a unique concept of NIFTEM with an idea to generate talented, resourceful and a practical oriented workforce meeting the demands of Indian Industries. The course curriculum has been designed to address the real time issues which include case studies, class room discussions and virtual modeling. The professionals are shaped to excel in technical and management skills as demanded by the industries. The idea of the programme is to impart the knowledge of perishable and non-perishables supply chain, with emphasis on managing the losses incurred in current scenario. Also, it helps in understanding the importance of quality, price, shelf life of products and gap between demand and supply of the consumables. It also comprises of basic food knowledge at every level from farm to fork. The perfect blend of science, technology, management and entrepreneurial attributes makes the students ready to take up the challenges of the industries.

Core Courses:
  • Postharvest Management of Fresh Horticultural Produce
  • Food Packaging Storage and Transportation
  • Agri-Horti Produce Supply Chain Management
  • Quality Evaluation of Supply Chain of Fresh Produce
  • Food Cold Chain Management
  • Sustainable Food Systems
  • Inventory Management
  • One Elective Course (opted from elective offered by other department)

2. M.Tech (Food Safety and Quality Management) (Download Pdf )

Food Safety and Quality Management is the first initiative of its kind by NIFTEM to generate pioneering techno-managers in the field of food safety, food security and quality assurance. Food safety has become a critical factor that needs to be addressed and ensured in global food markets. With India being in an infant era of risk assessment, food biotechnology, microbiological source tracking, public health and food security; this particular program of NIFTEM focuses on imparting applied knowledge of these fields encompassing food safety laws and regulations on national and global front.

Core Courses:
  • Food Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Basics of Food Safety
  • Advanced Food Microbiology
  • Research Projects
  • Food Biotechnology
  • Food safety and public Health
  • Biosensors Design and Applications
  • Village Adoption
  • Advanced Food packaging Flavour Technology
  • Project Finance
  • Toxicology of Food and Nutraceuticals

3. M.Tech (Food Process Engineering and Management) (Download Pdf)

The programme aims to produce world class food engineers equipped with all necessary tools to handle the problems of food industry. The programme is designed to promote the growth of the food processing industry in India in the global context by mechanization and automation, engineering intervention for transforming agriculture into food processing industries and motivating entrepreneurship for promoting food processing sector.

The curriculum brings synergy in the aims and aspirations of the food industry. The case studies in each course enable the student from varied backgrounds to quickly grasp the fundamentals of the processes & technical knowhow.

Core Courses:
  • Engineering Properties of Food and Biomaterials
  • Advances in Food Engineering I
  • Process instrumentation and control
  • Food Engineering Lab –I
  • Food Engineering Lab – II
  • Advances in Food Engineering II
  • Process Engineering of cereals, pulses and oilseeds
  • Process Equipment Design
  • Food Engineering Lab – III
  • One elective course from other dept. to be selected by students
  • Course recommended by other Dept.

4. M.Tech (Food Technology and Management) ( Download Pdf)

The programme aims at promoting innovations in food sector and catalyzing the growth of Food Processing Industry in India in global context. Apart from imparting world-class education in the field of food science and technology, the programme also aims encompasses cutting edge research in frontline areas of Food Science and Technology.

Core Courses:
  • Advances in Food Processing-I
  • Transfer Processes in Food Processing
  • Food Regulations and Food Safety Management
  • Food Technology Lab-I
  • Toxicology of Food and Nutraceuticals
  • Advances in Food Processing-II
  • Food Product Development
  • Food Technology Lab-II
  • Research Methodology.
  • Village Adoption Programme
  • Course recommended by other Dept.

5. M.Tech (Food Plant Operations Management) (Download Pdf)

Food Plant Operations Management is a unique program designed to cater the needs of food processing industry. It involves a unique blend of food technology and operations management to foster improvement in production processes of food industry. It deals with the design and management of products, processes and services. It considers the acquisition, development, and utilization of resources that firms need to deliver the goods and services, their clients want. The purview of Food Plant Operations Management ranges from strategic to tactical and operational levels. Representative strategic issues include determining the size and location of food manufacturing plants, deciding the structure of service or production system.Tactical issues include plant layout and structure, project management methods, and equipment selection and replacement. Operational issues include production scheduling and control, inventory management, quality control and inspection, traffic and materials handling, and equipment maintenance policies. The students are exposed to advanced lean manufacturing and operation optimizing techniques. Case studies form an integral part of learning and 5 months industrial training allows students to solve operational issues in food industry.

Core Courses:
  • Marketing Management
  • Food Supply Chain Management
  • Research Project
  • Inventory Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • FBM 529 Research Project
  • FBM 539 Research Project
  • FBM 549 Research Project
  • Select from other department’s GEs (Suggested: FST 513 Food Regulations & Safety Management)
  • Select from other department’s GEs (Suggested: ENG 558 Advanced Food Packaging)
  • Select from other department’s GEs (To be suggested by the Department)


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