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NIFTEM’s innovative MBA Programme is a two-year, full-time degree program that is offered with dual specializations-(I) Compulsory: Food Agri-Business Management, (II) Optional: One of Marketing/ Finance/ International Business to fulfill the industry demands. The program is designed to deliver worldwide class graduate business education to develop professional managers, imaginative leaders, and entrepreneurs with outstanding abilities, motivation, creativity, and professionalism, who create value for their organizations and communities.

The academic component is supported by various workshops, seminars, and personality development programs to enable students to succeed and excel in their professional careers. All students will have the opportunity to get global exposure through international immersion with internationally collaborated uni- versities/institutions/industries. The faculty combines the highest standards of teaching and mentoring with diverse backgrounds as senior professors, re- searchers, entrepreneurs, and consultants. The industry interface ensures con- continued acquaintance and interaction with the industry.


Currently there are 25 seats available in the program. The distribution of seats, as per GoI reservation norms, is as follows:

General OBC (NC) SC ST
12 7 4 2


The unique curriculum delivers a transformational experience for MBA students. There are a total of 20 mandatory courses in MBA, which are spread over four semesters. From Semester III, the program offers a range of over 30 electives, out of which at least 5 in each of III & IV Semester, need to be selected the flexibility ensuring that a student never makes a compromise with his desired area of pursuit.


Semester – I Semester – II
Code Course Name L P T Code Course Name L P T
MBA-101 Management Process and Practices 3 MBA-201 Marketing Management 3
MBA-102 Quantitative Techniques 4 MBA-202 Financial Management 3
MBA-103 Managerial Economics 3 MBA-203 International Business Management 4
MBA-104 Financial Accounting 3 MBA-204 Production, Operations and Inventory Management 4
MBA-105 Business Communication & Negotiation Skills 4 MBA-205 Business Research Methods 3
MBA-106 Management of Information System & Application of Software 4 MBA-206 Operations Research 4
MBA-107 Organizational Behaviour 3 MBA-207 Food and Agribusiness Environment & Policy 4
Total Seven(7) 24 0 0 Total Seven(7) 25 0 0
Semester – III* Semester – IV*
Code Course Name L P T Code Course Name L P T
MBA-301 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3 MBA-401 Corporate Strategy 3
MBA-302 Human Resource Management 3 MBA-402 Corporate Governance 3
MBA-303 Business Ethics & Human Values 3 MBA-403 Research Project 8
MBA-304 Summer Internship Project, Presentation & Viva-Voce 8 Viva-Voce
Five Professional Elective 5X3 Five Professional Electives 5X3
GE AES VAP Village Adoption 4
Total Ten (10) 24 0 12 Seven (7) 21 0 8

In addition, a student is required to choose a combination of total 5 professional electives (on the pattern of 2+3 or 3+2) from both dual specializations subjects in each 3rd& 4th semester. For example, if a student select 2 PE from the compulsory specialization FABM (Food & Agri-Business Management) and 3 PE from Marketing (if select Marketing as second specialization) in 3rd semester then in the next 4th semester he/she will have to choose 3 PE from FABM and 2 PE from Marketing. (Total Course Credits including both years approx= 104)


Compulsory: Food & Agri-Business Management Optional-1: Marketing
Code Course Name L P T Code Course Name L P T
FABM E-1 Food Supply Chain Management 3 MKT E-1 Sales Management 3
FABM E-2 Food Technology and Processing Management 3 MKT E-2 Digital Marketing 3
FABM E-3 Management of Agricultural Input Marketing 3 MKT E-3 Advertising Management 3
FABM E-4 Seed Production Technology and Management 3 MKT E-4 Brand Management 3
FABM E-5 Management of Agro-Chemical Industry 3 MKT E-5 Retailing Management 3
FABM E-6 International Trade in Agri-Food Products 3 MKT E-6 Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) 3
FABM E-7 Entrepreneurship Development in Food Processing 3 MKT E-7 Marketing Channels 3
FABM E-8 Rural Marketing 3 MKT E-8 Services Marketing 3
FABM E-9 Agricultural Finance 3 MKT E-9 Consumer Behaviour 3
FABM E-11 Management of Contract Farming 3
FABM E-12 Cooperative Management 3
FABM E-13 ICT in Agri and Food Industries 3
Optional-2: Finance Optional-3: International Business
Code Course Name L P T Code Course Name L P T
FIN E-1 Security Analysis and Investment Management 3 IB E-1 International Business Environment 3
FIN E-2 Management of Financial Services 3 IB E-2 International Trade and Policy Framework 3
FIN E-3 Bank Management & Insurance 3 IB E-3 International Financial System 3
FIN E-4 Carbon Finance 3 IB E-4 International Trade Practices, Procedures & Documentation 3
FIN E-5 International Financial Management 3 IB E-5 International Supply Chain Management and Logistics 3
FIN E-6 Corporate Taxation 3 IB E-6 International Advertising and Brand Management 3
FIN E-7 Financial Derivatives 3 IB E-7 International Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour 3
FIN E-8 Risk Management and Insurance 3
FIN E-9 Mergers and Acquisitions 3

* Minimum strength is required to opt a subject


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