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Title Download
Acrylamide Reduction Methods-Indian Snack Foods Download
Antibacterial Layered Ag-Fe Nanocompostie Download
Bikies and Kurkure made from Kodo kutki millets Download
Biodiesel Production from Waste Fried Oil Download
Biologically Derived Download
Boondi Dispenser Machine Download
Cocoshreshth-Coconut Water Extraction Machine-Street Vendor Model Download
Cocoshreshth-Coconut Water Extraction Machine-Mall Model Download
Cocoshreshth- Coconut Cutting Machine Download
Development of Edible Film Enriched With Pomegranate Download
Development of Probiotic Fruit Juice Powder Download
Domestic Refrigerator Linus Download
Enhancement of Guava Fruit Shelf life by the Application of Nitric Oxide Download
Evacuuated Tube Solar Dryer Download
Fortification of Edible Oil with Encapsulated Natural Antioxidants Download
Function Choco muffins fortified with Horsegram Download
Galactogogues Rich Cookies for Lactating Women Download
Herbal Cookies Download
Lost Cost Meat Storage System Download
Multigrain Muffin Download
Multigrain Pasta Download
Multigrain Protein Enriched Noodles Download
Niftem Advanced Drying Unit Download
Process Technology for Retaining Softness of Khoa Burfi & Peda Download
Process Technology of Reducing Oil Content (fat) in Samosa Download
Protein-Rich Granola Bar Download
Sattu Cookies Download
Savory Veggie Gluten Free Cookie Download
Seaweed Tea Infusion Rich in Polyphenols Download
Shelf Life Extension and Alleviation Download
Sugar Free Muffin Download
Sweet Potato Powder Download
Utilization of Food Industry’s Residue Biomass: Waste to Wealth Download
Vaccuum Precooler Download
Visual Sensor for detecting the post Harvest Spoilage in onions Download
Vitamin D Fortified Milk based Beverage(Lassi) Download