Dean (Post Graduate Studies)

NIFTEM provides facilities for research in the innovative and emerging areas of knowledge in Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management leading to the degree of M.Tech,MBA and Ph.D.

  • Dean, PGS – Dr. Sunil Pareek
  • Associate Dean, PGS – Dr. Rajni Chopra

Contact details: +91-130-2281114


M.Tech Course Structure

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Food Technology and Management (FTM) Download
Food Safety and Quality Management (FSQM) Download
Food Plant Operations Management (FPOM) Download
Food Process Engineering and Management (FPEM) Download
Food Supply Chain Management (FSCM) Download

Ph.D Course Structure

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Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (AES) Download
Basic Applied and Sciences (BAS) Download
Food Business Management and Entrepreneurship Development (FBM&ED) Download
Food Engineering (FE) Download
Food Science and Technology (FST) Download


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Ph.D Download


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NOTIFICATIONS The applications are invited for NIFTEM Assistantship (Under Special Category) from Ph.D Scholar who are not availing any fellowship. The last date for submitting application is 26th September 2022. Form is available on PG ACTIVE FORMATS TAB new


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M.Tech Programme Fee Structure 2023-24 Download
MBA Programme Fee Structure 2023-24 Download
Ph.D Programme Fee Structure 2023-24 Download

Food Engineering

Name/Regd ID Batch Ph.D Thesis Topic Name of Guide Abstract
VIJAY SINGH SHARANAGAT/ 713202 2013 Process standardization and quality characterization of sorghum for the development of low-gluten bread Dr. Prabhat K. Nema Download
ONKAR AVINASH BABAR / 714202 2014 Design and development of energy efficient PCM assisted solar dryer for minimizing aflatoxins in agro produce Dr. Vinkel Kumar Arora YES Download
RACHNA / 714204 2014 Development of an Advanced Drying Unit for Quality Improvement of Dried Fruits and Vegetables Dr. Prabhat K. Nema Download
NILESH KARDILE / 715202 2015 Standardization of Process Technology and Shelf Life Extension of Puran Poli – An Indian Traditional Food Dr. Prabhat K. Nema Download
AYON TARAFDAR / 716202 2016 Microfluidization of Sugarcane Juice: Quality Changes, Process Optimization and Shelf Life Evaluation Dr. Barjinder Pal Kaur Download
S. THANGALAKSHMI / 717201 2017 3D Printing of Indian Traditional Snack Dr. Vinkel Kumar Arora Download

Food Science and Technology

Name/Regd ID Batch Ph.D Thesis Topic Name of Guide Abstract
Tanya Luva Swer/ 713401 2013 Extraction of anthcynins from Sohiong (Prunus nepalensis), an indigenous fruit in Meghalaya, for potential food application as natural colourant. Dr. Komal Chauhan Download
Anit Kumar/714401 2014 Effect of microfluidization and homogenization on physico-chemical, microbial and shelf life of fermented milk products Dr. Ashutosh Upadhyay Download
Dr. Savita Rani/714406 2014 Development of Multigrain Protein enriched Pasta Dr. Rakhi Singh Download
Surbhi Agrawal/714407 2014 Antioxidant potential of Sargassum fusiforme and its synergies with Ulva lactuca in Diet induced Hyperlipidemic Diabetic Model Dr. Komal Chauhan Download
R Chandrakala/715401 2015 Studies on process Induced modification in residual fruit pulp for flavour retention Dr. Ashutosh Upadhyay Download
Dr. Devendra Pratap/715402 2015 Development of Khoa and Burfi from blend of Soy and Cattle Milk Dr. Rakhi Singh Download
Dr. Dinkar Baliram Kamble/715403 2015 Development of Multi grain Pasta Using underutilized grain Dr. Rakhi Singh Download
Mohammed Nayeem/715404 2015 Ameliorative Potential of Cereal Grasses in Streptozotocin-Nicotinamide (STZ-NA) Induced Diabetic Rats. Dr. Komal Chauhan Download
Promita Gundev/715405 2015 Effect of bioactive compounds on the oxidative stability of underutilized seed oils. Dr. Komal Chauhan Download
Swati Malik/715407 2015 Assessment of Nutritional and Physicochemical Characteristics of Ready to Eat Food Incorporating Underutilized Legumes and Greens. Dr. Komal Chauhan Download
Yogesh Kumar/716404 2016 Development and characterization of functional food from selected Indian edible seaweeds Dr Prarabdh C. Badgujar Download
Pooja Jha/717404 2017 Processing of Banana Flower: Functional Characterization and its Application Dr Murlidhar Meghwal Download
Rachna Gupta/718403 2018 Studies of irradiation Treatment on Pigmented Wheat Flour for Quality Evaluation and Shelf-life Extension Dr Murlidhar Meghwal Download

Basic Applied and Sciences

Name/Regd ID Batch Ph.D Thesis Topic Name of Guide Abstract
Khalid Bashir Naik/ 713301 2013 Studies on Enhancement of shelf lift of different flours using gamma irradiation technique and its effects on the physicochemical properties of the flours Prof. Manjeet Aggarwal Download
Kumar Satyaprakash/713302 2013 Development of Microencapsulated probiotic formulation in different carrier matrices with prebiotics and evaluation of its efficacy and product development characteristics Prof. Vijendra Mishra (Co- Guide Dr. Prabhat K Nema) To be Uploaded
Vaibhav Kumar Maurya/714302 2014 Fortification of vitamin D milk beverage using encapsulation technology and their stability during the shelf life Prof. Manjeet Aggarwal Download
Gurdeep Rattu/715301 2015 Nanomaterial based non-enzymatic colorimetric sensor for the rapid detection of L-lactate/lactic acid/ polylactic acid (PLA) in food pharma and packaging application. Dr. P Murli Krishna To be Uploaded
Kartikey Chaturvedi/715302 2015 Predictive modeling and qualitative analysis of food borne pathogens Dr. Kalyan Das Download
Nidhi Kaushik/716301 2016 Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Physico-Chemical Characteristics of KODO and Kutki Millets & IN VIVO studies for Their Antidiabetic potential Dr. Manjeet Aggarwal Download

Food Business Management and Entrepreneurship Development

Name/Regd ID Batch Ph.D Thesis Topic Name of Guide Abstract
Twinkle Kumar Sachchan /713601 2013 Impact Assessment of Marketing Strategy on E-sales and Value-Added Services Dr. Vikas Saxena Download
Vikas /713602 2013 Structure of Microfinance Institution and their Impact on the performance of Self Help Groups : An Empirical Study Dr. Sanjay Bhayana Download
Gaikwad Sandip Trimbak /714601 2014 Assessment of Consumer Preferences towards Fasting Food and New Food Product Development Dr. Vikas Saxena Download
Shanmukh Sagar K. /714602 2014 Drivers of Intra-Industry Trade: The case of Indian Processed Food Sector Dr. Vikas Saxena Download
Pratibha/715602 2015 A Study of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Development for Self-Help Groups Dr. Sanjay Bhayana Download

Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Name/Regd ID Batch Ph.D Thesis Topic Name of Guide Abstract
Vinay Kumar/713502 2013 Studies on preventive measures to reduce the postharvest losses during storage in onion (Allium cepa L.) Dr.Neeraj To be Uploaded
Lochan Singh/713501 2013 Determination of Polyclinic acromatic hydrocarbons in processed food, beverages and kitchen exhaust. Dr. Tripti Agarwal Download
Amita Shakya/714501 2014 Biochar Production from Food Industries’ residue and its application in heavy metal removal from water Dr. Tripti Agarwal Download
Nishant Kumar/715503 2015 Development of natural antioxidant based edible coating using bio-active compounds extracted from pomegranate peel Dr. Neeraj To be Uploaded
DURBA KASHYAP/715502 2015 An assessment of carbon footprint and water footprint for rice and wheat crop in Punjab, India Dr. Tripti Agarwal To be Uploaded

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PG Active Formats

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6th Monthly progress report format(Every semester) Download
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Fellowship format(every month) Download
Format for Extension of Ph.D NIFTEM Fellowship Download
Pre-submission Presentation format Download
Plagiarism Certificate(Approved by NIFTEM Library) Download
Rough Bound Thesis submission format Download
Final Hard Bound thesis submission format Download
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