NIFTEM has established a ‘Research Cell’ to initiate, participate and strengthen the research activities in areas relevant to Food Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Management. The Cell nurtures the research culture in students, scholars, and faculties of NIFTEM by encouraging research in emerging and challenging areas of the food processing sector. In the process, the cell aims to empower and motivate every person associated with research activities to meet the vision and mission of the institute.

Recent Publication


  • Contract Research Organization (CRO) was inaugurated on 29th June 2021

  • NIFTEM participation and technology displayed through India’s 1st Virtual Processed Food R & D Expo 2021 held on 20-22 January 2021

  • NIFTEM Industry Forum Meet held on 9th April 2021

  • NIFTEM Research Development Council (NRDC) meet held on 28th January 2021

  • NIFTEM technologies displayed on R & D portal (MOFPI) is available on link: The portal was inaugurated on 20th January 2021

Dean Research

Research Executive
Contract Research Organization

LDC, Research Cell

NIFTEM’s priority areas of research

Food Processing Technologies

Novel Food Processing Technologies

Nutraceutical and Health Foods

Nano-science in food preservation and food quality

Development of value-added food products

Role of microorganisms in food chain in transfer of antibiotic resistance

Study of microbiological status of food in different parts of the country (to be developed as network project)

Food structure and functionality

Basic bioscience underpinning health

Food waste and By-products utilization

Food contamination/toxicity, Food safety and traceability

Food Biotechnology

Design, modeling and simulation of food processes

Food supply chain and retail management

Post-harvest technology

Environmental aspects related to food

Harmonization of standards

Regulatory and policy research for food safety

Risk identification, assessment and characterization

Criteria for projects

The following criteria are adopted in the selection of Projects for research:

Innovative in nature

Usefulness to the present problems being faced by the food industry

Able to do some public good

Type of project (NIFTEM internal funded)

Seed money projects for Faculty (Click here to file application)

To facilitate research activities and motivate the faculty of NIFTEM, it was decided to provide internal funding to research projects so that in-house faculty members could start research immediately. In pursuance of this decision, proposals are invited every year from in-house faculty members which are further scrutinized and discussed in detail. Based on the above criteria the projects are being short-listed and shared with outside experts in the relevant areas to get their inputs and make the undertaken research projects more meaningful.

Innovation Fund Schemes for Students (Click here to file application)

The NIFS funding scheme aims to encourage the innovative research and de- velopment ideas of NIFTEM students (B.Tech/M.Tech/MBA) in food process- ing and allied areas. The work should result in proofs-of-concept, design of equipment, etc, thus having a high societal and commercial impact and thereby helping in the growth of the food processing industry. Some of the best and most successful NIFS projects may also get a chance to support IPR as per the rules. The project funding (food processing and allied areas only) is up to Rs. 15 Lakhs (or) as per the approval of the competent authority. The project is valid for up to 2 years (maximum).


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