Personal Information

Dr. Sunil Pareek Dr. Sunil Pareek Designation : Professor +91-130-2281024


‘Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. Fellowship 2014’

Outstanding Service Award’ from Vice Chancellor, MPUAT, Udaipur on Republic Day, January 26, 2014.

Outstanding Team Award’ for development of custard apple processing technology by Vice Chancellor, MPUAT, Udaipur on Independence Day, August 15, 2014.

‘Appreciation Certificate from Postharvest Education Foundation’Oregaon, USA for translating Small Scale Postharvest Technology Manual from English to Hindi. Eds. Kitinoja, L and Kader, AA. UC Davis.

‘Fellow 2012’, Confederation of Horticulture Associations of India, New Delhi.

HS Mehta Best Young Scientist Award 2013 by Mehta Foundation, Salem.

‘Young Scientist Award 2012’ by Bioved Research Institute of Agriculture & Technology, Allahabad, India.

Awarded with Gold Medal for standing first in order of merit in University in M.Sc. (Horticulture).

Awarded withBest poster presentation for the paper “Texture measurement approaches in fresh and processed horticultural produce” In: National Seminar on New Vistas in Food Processing with Quality Assurance for Augmenting Rural Prosperity.  College of Technology and Engineering, MPUAT, Udaipur from 21-22 June, 2013. in National Seminar at MPUAT, Udaipur.

‘Appreciation award’ for organizing Horticulture show at RCA, Udaipur

‘Appreciation award’ for organizing Flower show by Nagar Parishad, Udaipur

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Books/Book Chapters:

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1. Qualification

# Degree Name Subject University/College Year
1 Ph.D. Horticulture - PHT Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner 2007
2 M.Sc. Horticulture Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner 2001

2. Experience

# Designation University/College Duration
1 Associate Professor NIFTEM, Kundli 2015-Till Date

International Experience(s)/Collaboration(s)/Counsultancy:

Associate Editor, African Journal of Agricultural Research.

Editorial Board Member, Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment.

editorial Board, Global Advanced Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences.

Editor, Erudite Journal of Ecology and Environment Research.

Editor, International Journal of Modern Plant & Animal Sciences.

Editor, Journal of Research in Agriculture.

Associate Editor, Basic Research Journal of Agricultural Science & Review.

Editorial Board, International Journal of Food, Nutrition & Safety. 

Reviewer of Peer Reviewed Journals (Selected)

Food Research International, Journal of Food Science and Technology, Food Chemistry, Postharvest Biology and Technology, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, International Journal of Food Engineering, The Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, African Journal of Agricultural Research, Pakistan Journal of Botany, Recent Patents on Food, Nutrition & Agriculture, Indian Horticulture

Editorial Board, Journal of Stored Products & Postharvest Research.

Editorial Board, Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences.

Externally Funded Projects:

Sl. No.

Sponsoring Agency

Title of Project

Amount of grant (Rs. Lakhs)




NAIP, ICAR & World Bank

A value chain on commercial exploitation of underutilized fruits of tribal zones of Rajasthan


Dec. 2008 – March 2014

Consortium Co-PI (PI – Prof. RA Kaushik)



Nitch Area of Excellence in Hi-tech Horticulture including Medicinal & Aromatic Plants


2008 – 2013

Associated Scientist (PHT component & EL- PHT)



All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Tuber Crops

Appx. 8.0 lakh/yr

2009 to continued




Self Sufficient Scheme on Preserved Products


2007 to continued




Integrated Farming Systems Project






Empowerment of Tribal Community through Improved Technologies for Livelihood and Nutritional Security


2012 to 2015




Improving productivity of tuber crops through farmers participatory approach


2014 to 2018



M/s Sharda Chemicals Limited

Testing of Indoxacarb 5% + Fipronil 5% SC on chilli


2012-13 & 2013-14



Sharda Worldwide Exports Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Testing of  bio-efficacy, phytotoxicity and succeeding crop of Quizalofop-p-ethyl 5% EC on onion


2013-14 & 2014-15



M/s PI Industries Ltd., Gurgaon

Testing of Profenofos 50% EC and Roket 44% EC on pests of chilli


2013-14 & 2014-15



M/s Makhteshim agan India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad

Testing of novel nematicide MCW-02 on cucumber


2013-14 & 2014-15