Personal Information

Dr. S.Thangalakshmi Dr. S.Thangalakshmi Designation : Assistant Professor +91-130-2281240
  1. 3D Food Printing
  2. Automation and Robotics
  3. Novel Food Processing Technologies.
  1. B.Tech College topper (82.3%)
  2. M.Tech( Hons) batch topper (75.6%)
  3. NET Qualified
  4. GATE Qualified

Best Paper Award

Received the best paper award for the paper : S.Thangalakshmi, Vinkel Kumar Arora*, Prithviraj V (2021), “Dimensional Accuracy of 3D printable food construct”, 2021 IEEE sponsored International Conference on Emerging trends in Industry 4.0.

  1. Prithviraj V, S Thangalakshmi*, Vinkel Kumar Arora, Zhenbin Liu (2022) “Characterization of rice flour and pastes with different sweeteners for extrusion-based 3D food printing”, Journal of Texture studies, doi:
  1. Thangalakshmi*, Vinkel Kumar Arora, Prithviraj V (2022), “Printability Assessment and Optimization of Process Parameters for 3D Printing of Rice Flour and Jaggery Paste”, Journal of Biosystems Engineering, 47, 248-262. doi: 10.1007/s42853-022-00143-z.

3.      Sukh Veer Singh, Rakhi Singh*, Anurag Singh, Ayon Tarafdar, S.Thangalakshmi, Ashutosh Upadhyay, Barjinder P kaur, and Ajay V.Chinchkar (2022), “Enzymatic extraction of Sapodilla (Manikara achras L.) Juice: Process optimization and characterization”, Journal of Food Quality,

4.      Sukh Veer Singh, Rakhi Singh*, Anurag Singh, S.Thangalakshmi, Barjindar P. Kaur, Meenatai G. Kamble, Ayon Tarafdar, Ashutosh Upadhyay (2022), “Optimization of Enzymatic Hydrolysis Parameters for Sapodilla fruit (Manikara achras L.) Juice Extraction”, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation,

  1. Thangalakshmi*, Vinkel Kumar Arora, Prithviraj V (2021), “A Comprehensive Assessment of 3D Food Printing: Technological and Processing Aspects”, Journal of Biosystems Engineering, 46(3), 286-304: doi : 10.1007/s42853-021-00106-w
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  4. S Thangalakshmi, Vinkel Kumar Arora*, Prithviraj V (2021), “Dimensional Accuracy of 3D printable food construct”, International Conference on Emerging trends in Industry 4.0. doi1109/ETI4.051663.2021.9619411
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Books/Book Chapters:

  • Rakhi Singh, BP Kaur, S Thangalakshmi (2019). Pulsed electric field processing Principles and Engineering aspects.  In: O P Chauhan (Ed), Non-thermal Processing of Foods, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group. 
  • Rakhi Singh*, Vandana Kaushal, Thangalakshmi and Anurag Singh (2021). Malting and Its Effect on Nutritive Value of Food. In “Green Perspectives in Food Processing” (Edited).
  • Sai Shiva, Anurag Singh*, Rakhi Singh and S.Thangalakshmi (2021). Cooked Food Waste Management: An Eco-friendly Approach. In “Green Perspectives in Food Processing” (Edited).
  • Thangalakshmi, S., Arora, V.K. (2022). Three-Dimensional (3D) Food Printing and Its Process Parameters. In: Sandhu, K., Singh, S. (eds) Food Printing: 3D Printing in Food Industry. Springer, Singapore.

1. Qualification

# Degree Name Subject University/College Year
1 Ph.D Food Engineering NIFTEM Persent
2 M.Tech. Automation and Robotics UPTU 2011

2. Experience

# Designation University/College Duration
1 Assistant Professor Department of Food Engineering, NIFTEM 2012 - Present
2 Assistant Professor A.K.G. Engineering College, Ghaziabad (Affiliated to U.P. Technical University, Lucknow) July 2004- July 2012
3 Lecturer Sethu Institute of Technology, Tamilnadu July 2002 to Nov 2002
4 Lecturer Sri Padmavathi College of Engineering ,Chennai July 2001 to April 2002