Raising Innovative Sustainable Enterprises (RISE)

Raising Innovative SustainableEnterprises

India Centre of Excellence for Food Convergent Innovation

RISE (Raising Innovative Sustainable Enterprises) is a centre of excellence for Food Convergent Innovation under the Pulse Innovation Platform (PIP) which operates out of NIFTEM in partnership with the McGill Center for the Convergence of Health and Economics in Canada.


To be a leader and partner in building innovative and sustainable enterprises in the Agri-food processing sector

Convergent Innovation

Convergent Innovation(CI), is an integrative approach across and between many networks and systems that reinvents the way we innovate, compete, and collaborate to find solutions for large-scale challenges. CI involves public, private, and civil society players taking single and collective action in both traditional and modern farms, food, and health systems around the world. Food, as one of the most powerful bridges between agriculture, industry, and health sectors is core to sustainable development and the promotion of healthy living. Within food, pulses are arguably the poster child among agricultural commodities for the development of a CI approach that targets the health of people, the planet, and the economy.

Pulse Innovation Platform

Pulse Innovation Platform (PIP) India is a national food Convergent Innovation (CI) platform, part of an international CI network, PIP-Global, launched in Montreal on March 10, 2016. PIP India was officially launched in New Delhi on March 8th, 2017. The platform aims to develop the next generation of innovation models needed to support food enterprises that create products to improve the health of people, the health of the environment, and the health of the economy.

PIP-India acts as a backbone to build capacity for pulse innovations with the bulk of activities deployed through projects. The platform supports strategic capacity building, conception, and execution of a portfolio of flagship projects that align with each partner’s interests and capabilities. Working together enables societal-scale solutions that go beyond the sum of what each can do alone.

RISE Objectives

Foster the Convergent Innovation ecosystem that that supportsagri-food businesses to succeed while benefiting the health of people, health of the environment, and health of the economy.

Provide world class Business Incubation and Accelerator facilities to host and nurture agri-food processing entrepreneurs and startup companies

Facilitate commercialization of food processing technologies developed by NIFTEM through the Accelerator


World Class Infrastructure

International Standard Research Labs

Pilot Plans

Food Testing & Certification Lab

IT Facilities

Office Space

Residential Space

Recognized Leading Institution & Team


Mc Gill University, Canada

Strong network of industry experts, Research institutes, Management school and government agencies

Prominent Central Location

Close National Capital Region

Close toGovernment agencies, Multiple food processing and research institute

Key Activities

Start-up and Innovation Workshops and Seminars

Meet up with Investors

Mentor support to Agri-based startups in all areas of business including technical, commercial, legal, regulatory, and marketing

Start-up Competition to provide selective innovative startups support and a platform for scaling up

Infrastructure support – office space, meeting room, IT, pilot plants, testing, and research labs

Expert Knowledge/Mentorship -Access to industry leaders, legal and finance experts

Peer Group Learning- Organized discussion groups between different startups allowing for the sharing of experience and knowledge

Latest Updates/Upcoming Events

Investors Interaction Session

Topic: Investing in Innovative and Sustainable Food Processing Start-ups – Key Factors

Exploring the characteristics that make food processing sector lucrative options for investment

Importance of innovation and sustainability

Understanding the drivers and motivations of the investors

Considering how food processing vertical sets into an investor’s investment portfolio interests