All India Cadre of Safe Food Business Professionals

Background and About the Program

The All India Cadre of Safe Food Business Professionals is a novel initiative to build an exclusive cadre of safe food business leaders in India. It is a joint programme conceived and designed by experts from two leading institutions of the country, National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM) and Nestle Food Safety Institute (NFSI) to recognize and enhance the competence of food safety professionals resulting in better trade.


To Applicants
  • The cadre program will identify, mentor and certify talented professionals in the area of food safety for promoting leadership through competence enhancement and professionalism.
  • Create a pool of resources ready to be absorbed by government departments, private companies and other national and international organizations.
  • Better opportunities and rapid career growth.
  • Recognition and certification of talent aimed at leadership in safe food business.
To Industry, Regulators and International Organizations
  • Creation of a pool of national talent for the food sector.
  • Improve opportunities to lead food businesses globally, food regulators, FAO, WHO, ITC etc.
  • Food businesses have a ready pool of certified safe food business professionals.
  • Export enhancement of food products.
To Nation
  • Building image of India as a safe food destination at the global level.
  • Promote food safety in the region and reduce disease burden on the governments.
  • Better trade in safe food.
  • Market access enhancement.
  • Prevention of food rejection and wastage.